You want to write a bestselling memoir or experience-based book. That part I already know.

Also, you think (and think) endlessly about all the content you want to include.

In fact, you think about the content so much that you probably could have written three books by now if you’d just stopped thinking and started writing!


What you likely haven’t done is gotten clear on the four non-negotiable elements of a bestselling book. And without these elements, the best stories in the world won’t create the desired transformation for your reader.

But not to worry, my friend.

I’ll detail each of these 4 elements in my upcoming FREE 5-day challenge: The Book Writing Basecamp. 

This experience is for you if…

✅ You know you want to write a book that powerfully shares your experience and helps others

✅ You can’t seem to get started (or keep going, or declare the damn thing finished) because there’s so much content to include (even though some days you fear you have nothing unique to say!).

Here’s what we’ll cover:


Like any good climb, it’s critical to start your book with a solid understanding of where you are and where you’re going.

A lack of understanding of this step prevents most people from heading up the mountain with sustainable excitement and enthusiasm.

Not to worry. By the end of Day 1, you’ll have complete clarity on this important step! (Yes, it can be that easy!)


Perhaps it seems unnecessary to clarify your genre. After all, you’re writing non-fiction or memoir, right? Right.


You need to go a layer or two deeper in order for your book structure to have maximum benefit for your readers and your professional growth.

Day 2 will focus on exactly how to do this.


Who is your reader?

If you think you have to construct an avatar of your ideal reader all the way down to his or her favorite color and flavor of Gummy Bears, think again!

The process I use to get authors clear on exactly who they’re writing for takes all the guesswork about what magazines she’s reading out of it and helps you get to know her on a truly impactful level.


When someone asks you what your book is about, you must be able to tell them in less than 20 seconds.

Right after I make this statement, people typically start hyperventilating because, up until now, you needed more than an elevator ride up to (and back down from) to the 95th floor to explain your hook.

(Or, you can explain it in 10 seconds, but it leaves the listening wondering, “Wait…what?!)

Here’s the great news: When you properly combine your why, your what, and your who, you get your unique hook. 


The hook can (and often does) not only make or break the writing process but also the effectiveness of the final product.

So let’s get clear about it so you can write a bestselling memoir!


After the first four days, some questions will undoubtedly have popped up.

This is your day to ask away and get further clarification on any previous day’s content.

I’ll even coach a few of you through your why, what, who, or hook!

This experience will truly transform not only the way you decide what content you include in your book, but the excitement and anticipation you’ll feel deep in your bones through the entire process, and I cannot wait to walk you through it!

To claim your spot, click right here! 

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