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27: Self Confidence Coach, Jane Stewart

26: Entrepreneur Empowerment Coach Zachary Babcock

25: Brand Storytelling Expert Perry Power

24: Confidence Coach Kelsey Abbott

23: Public Speaker Dom Faussette

22: Emotions Clearing Practitioner Isabel Hundt

21: Interview with Super-sizer Jessica Perez

20: Interview with Men's Life Coach Nick Matiash

19: Interview with Nick Stephenson

18: Interview with David Villa

17: Interview with Jenna McCarthy

16: Immediate versus Ongoing Book Publicity

15: On Habit

14: Just Choose Already

13: What's Your Story?

12: Getting Past Imposter Syndrome

11: Why Your Book Isn't a Bestseller

10: What in the Word?

09: Authors & Entrepreneurs: Why are you doing that?

08: The Success Mindset with Austin Distel

07: Branding Strategies with Joshua Pearson

06: Author Tips from Elizabeth Ann West

05: Word Count, Writing Deadlines & Copyright Questions

04: How to Choose a Publishing Approach

03: What Constitutes a Bestselling Book

02: Tips for Book Printers & Cover Design

01: Authors: What Is Your Why?