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  • 6 Rules from Nicole Curtis

6 Rules from Nicole Curtis

Where to even begin when it comes to Nicole Curtis...

The girl is a powerhouse. She's a mom, a rehabber (side note: a friend admitted yesterday that because she hasn't ever seen Nicole's show, Rehab Addict -- which, another side note, premiers tonight at 9PM/8C on HGTV! -- and anyway this friend kept seeing me post about the "Rehab Addict," and figured Nicole had some real issues that kept landing her back in...rehab. We're all clear now. To be clear), an advocate, and most importantly a kind, genuine, honest, knowledgeable person.

I've added many a rule to my list after spending time with Nicole over the past few years. Here are some of the most poignant. (They'll likely be helpful for you, as well!)


Be Quiet

A quiet voice is valuable. When Nicole was in Phoenix last weekend, we spent some time at the pool at a popular resort in town. Now, I tend to get excited about things. Or up-in-arms. Each time I became either, Nicole quickly yet politely reminded me to zip it up!

Poor girl was trying to have one incognito moment --- a wish I didn't fully understand until we were at a movie theater for 4 minutes and her presence got Tweeted. But hey, in defense of my loud excitement and/or opinions, to me she's just Nicole. Which is why when I saw her on massive billboards on the freeway it was a bit ... weird. 


Be Humble

When you do see yourself on a massive billboard on the highway, pray that you've retained enough humility to be shocked. She truly thought it was the weirdest thing ever.  


Be Aware

Those Magic Erasers are the equivalent of 3600 grit wet sandpaper. Who knew?


Be You

It's absolutely okay not to have a line-by-line plan when speaking to a (very) large group. I was real thankful for this lesson because I've been taking that approach for quite some time myself, and often wondered if the "pros" all actually pace in their hotel rooms the night before rehearsing! Awesome to know that the answer is, "Not necessarily." Be honest. Be genuine. Be kind. Be respectful. Pay attention to your audience's needs and know your own boundaries. Do those 6 things and you will be perfectly fine.


Be Creative

Did you know that you can do weird push-up moves on a railing that might work better than actual push-ups? Especially for those of us who strongly dislike actual push-ups? We might have to have her do a video demo of this. I can't even begin to explain it, but I'm thankful to know about it. I just did 22. 



When was the last time you volunteered and then said, 'Boy, that was a really awful day volunteering." This was the question Nicole asked both her audiences this past weekend, and there were a LOT of heads nodding. So get out there. Volunteer. Make a difference in someone else's life today. You won't regret it!


Have you been wanting an autographed photo of Nicole Curtis? Are you feeling like you need a few new rules for your own life? We've got you covered. Click here for details! 


Carry on, my friends!


With Love,

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