Who's Your Person?

Have you heard? 

We get by with a little help from our friends. 

Or dog.

Or mail person who's going to show up today with the latest Sunset magazine or a box from Amazon with who-knows-what in it but it's super exciting at first because you can't remember what you ordered or perhaps what someone ordered for you but then you get it home and discover that it's just the copy of 1984 you had to order for your son's Lit class.

Regardless, we all need "a person."

We need someone we trust to bounce ideas and fears and concerns off of.

Sometimes, balance and perspective requires more than 3 hours on a Pinterest board trying to figure out how to make your 6-year-old a canteloupe costume for Halloween and ending up redecorating your entire family room---even if only in your mind---and realizing you can do it almost entirely with pallets.

We need Life Coaches. Spiritual Advisors. Balance Gurus.

I'd love to hear from you. Who helps you navigate the most challenging moments you face? What is your greatest suggestion for someone who is still looking for her "person?" 

Please share in the comments below! I read them all, and I'll share some over on Facebook. Because we're all here to help each other navigate this craziness. None of us needs to go it alone. (Especially when there's a canteloupe costume to be made.)

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