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  • How to Name a Company

How to Name a Company

Are you ready to start that company you've been dreaming about owning and running and loving and pulling your hair out over at 3:00am for the next few years?


Being entrepreneurial is an amazing adventure---much like riding an untested, uncertified roller coaster.

There are ups (and downs) and moments of ecstasy (and crying jags) and euphoric thrills (and panic attacks).

There's also a lot of thinking. When it comes to starting and growing a business, the following quote from Winona Ryder about sums it up:

Sometimes, this amount of thought is necessary. After all, the best way to confidently make any decision without being clairvoyant is to get as much information as possible, put it into your own business blender, and make the choice that's right for you and your business. (And that choice, by the way, is likely not going to be the best choice for your friend, or your neighbor, or even your mentor. So it's critical that you stay focused on YOU and YOUR business while you're making these final decisions!)

Sometimes, however, weeks and months of thought are NOT necessary, however. Instead, we make ourselves believe that they are because it prevents us from getting to the really scary part --- actually beginning to do business!
One of the areas where people often find themselves stuck is the process of naming their business. 

In the video above, I share a few of my own lessons learned in this area.

Tweet: Customers buy a brand, not a company. #entrepreneurs 
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Tweet: A business name is important, but not enough to cause paralysis! #entrepreneurs #startup
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What are YOUR lessons learned? What are your questions? Where are you "stuck?"

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    Elizabeth Lyons

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  • Apr 05, 2015

    Hi Elizabeth!

    About 25 years ago I changed the name of my company from Clovis Photographics to Bad Frog World. Not only did it give me an ‘umbrella’ company name, but I kept getting lots of ‘15 minutes of fame’ because everyone wanted to know about the company named Bad Frog World! I have just retired but I am keeping the name Bad Frog World to start sharing my great passion for art. I am in the process of building a new website as you read this.

    Thank you for putting a smile on my face while reading your blog!!!


    — Gary F. Martin

  • Mar 19, 2015

    I filed a dba last year….and then did nothing because I knew it was the wrong name. I wanted the name to reflect my creative side but I haven’t focused on one craft. I can sew, craft, refinish furniture, and design. I wanted a name that was all encompassing until I find a focus or to shift gears if I need to. My name has always been difficult to pronounce and it wasn’t until we moved to another city that I decided to go by a childhood nickname, Mish. The lack of focus became Mishmash. I fumbled then and went with Mishmash Decor instead of Mishmash Designs because there are 2 already and although they are across the world, on the Internet they wouldn’t be. Now I want to change it but I don’t know what to do since the other companies have them for fb and etsy etc or should I completely change the name?

    — Michaela

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