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Many people have asked about the story behind the Traveling Bracelets line (knowing that, in my world, there's a story behind almost everything!). 

7 years ago, we adopted a beautiful baby girl from Ethiopia. The process took a number (and by "a number," I mean about 6874) of unexpected twists and turns along the way, as any international adoption likely does. 

I was visiting Sedona, AZ at a precarious point in the process, during which my belief that we would get to the finish line in my lifetime was being severely tested. In a small boutique, I saw a simple yet beautiful twisted sterling silver and brass bracelet. It immediately reminded me that, no matter what, this little girl's life and mine were intertwined, and as long as I kept putting one foot in front of the other and trusted, we would ultimately bring our daughter home.

I wore that bracelet every day (and some nights) for the rest of our adoption journey. There were moments after unexpected phone calls when, feeling so confused and unable to control anything about the process, the bracelet acted as my spiritual Xanax. 

A few days after returning from Ethiopia with our beautiful daughter, I approached her Godmother --- one of my best friends --- who was supposed to go to Ethiopia with me but in the end had to cancel because she had learned she was pregnant. And her pregnancy was extremely high-risk. 

"This bracelet holds all of the strength and faith that got me through the past year," I told her. "And now I want to pass that strength and faith on to you."

She wore that bracelet every day (and some nights), and her beautiful, healthy daughter was born 4 months later. 

I all but forgot that I had given the bracelet to her, until one day when my own life got challenging again, and she passed it back to me. 

In that moment, I realized the magic that was held in this seemingly insignificant exchange of what had become a Traveling Bracelet.

Whether you need faith, strength, humor, insight, inspiration, motivation, or peace, there is a Traveling Bracelet for you (and if there isn't, please email me. I'll create what you need!).

Rock it out as your strength. Your hope. Your faith. Your laughter. Your light. Until you no longer need it. When the time is right to pass it on, you will know.  


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