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  • Would you be ready?

Would you be ready?

Have you ever said, "I'm ready to receive everything that's meant for me. Right now. (I swear.)"

Of course you have. Who hasn't? 

Ironically, I thank God some mornings (literally) that I was not given all that I thought I was ready for 5 (or even 2) years ago. 

5 years ago, I definitely would have pulled an MC Hammer and squandered it all for one simple (but incredibly powerful) reason: I didn't know who I was.

When you don't yet know who you are, if given the opportunity you'd like attempt to BUY in some way who you think you are SUPPOSED to be. You would think: 

"Oh, I think I'm that big house with a central vacuuming system," or

"I'm 99% sure I'm that awesome car that parallel parks with the touch of a button," or

"I'm definitely that trip to Fiji, staying in one of those $5,000 a night huts on the water. Yup. All me," or

"I'm pretty darn sure I'm that not-on-sale outfit from Anthropologie."

Well, that last one is true in my case. I went into Anthropologie yesterday prior to the Victoria's Secret swimsuit try-on debacle, and I am here to profess that I AM about 9 dresses in there. I am NOT, however, a Victoria's Secret swimsuit. But hey, now I (and all of you) know.

Anyway, I digress.

The point is, we THINK we're ready all the time. And why wouldn't we? Who says, "Oh, I'm not ready for all that good stuff. I wouldn't even enjoy riding in a car with curtains on the windows!"

Wait...I actually wouldn't. It's weird.


Who says, "I don't want a 5-star trip to Fiji. I'm not ready to receive that." Or,

"I don't want a gorgeous new wardrobe that fits me well and lasts more than 3 wears without developing holes. I'm not ready to receive that." Or,

"I couldn't possibly accept having a bank account big enough to support all of my kids through college. I'm not ready for that; I'd rather sit here and stress about it instead."

If you could utter any of the above, you're a more in-tune woman than I, my friend.

For years, I thought I was ready for EVERYTHING.

But the truth says that you attract what you are ready for --- nothing more, nothing less.

The reality of your circumstances is the universe talking. Now, whether you make good choices when you actually receive great circumstances? That's your humanity talking.

Looking back, while I so believed I was ready to receive it all 5 years ago, I realize now that I was not. 

And, of course, I believe that today I'm beyond ready.

But I continue to work on myself -- honing my values, my desires, the way I love and support and give to others, so that when the universe DOES decide that I'm ready, my humanity will be ready as well and we can go on a crazy fun authentic adventure together.

Because I'm not sure the universe gives second chances on that kind of thing. And I'm sure as hell not crazy enough to test the theory one way or another!

Tell me, if you were given everything that you desire right now, would you be ready to receive it? Are you in a place emotionally and spiritually where you feel like your choices of what to do with that gift would be in line with your true self? If not, how can you continue to intentionally get closer and closer to your true self on a daily basis so that when the universe hands you all you've ever wanted, you can receive it with gratitude and honor the gift?

With Love,

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    Elizabeth Lyons
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  • Aug 20, 2015

    No I’m not ready and I’m totally blessed knowing God is in charge.

    — Debbie

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