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Be Afraid

If you've been around for more than a hot minute, you know that I talk about the importance of being fearless a lot.

A whole lot.

I believe that fear is one of the greatest obstacles---if not the greatest obstacle---to getting everything we want in this life.

I admonish everyone (as well as their brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, dog and ferret) to Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

I've stamped it on bracelets. And handwritten it on Post-Its and the fronts of journals. And said over and over to myself as I walked into meetings for which I felt less than confident. 

And yet I've realized, as of late, that there are a few things in life of which we simply MUST be afraid.

We simply MUST:

  • Be afraid of not identifying and pursuing our passions. It's why we are here, and it's never too late. As it's been said, a year from now we'll wish we'd started today.


  • Be afraid of not going to an event simply because we "have nothing to wear." After all, we never know who we might meet there!


  • Be afraid of saying No to rock climbing. Or hiking. Or sky diving. (Scratch that. I'm not EVER saying Yes to that!). Or petting a snake. We might actually like it! And we might not. But we won't know unless we try.


  • Be afraid of not being owning and celebrating OUR UNIQUE SELVES for exactly who and where we are RIGHT NOW. 


  • Be afraid of getting on the road with our newly licensed child. Seriously. We must be VERY afraid of that. 


  • Be afraid of holding onto our gifts and not sharing them with the world because we're worried about whether everyone (or anyone) will approve.


  • Be afraid of not seeing how far we can take ourselves by the power of our own feet and authentic hearts. We'd probably surprise ourselves.  


  • Be afraid of raising kids who don't believe in themselves.


  • Be afraid of letting fear be what stops us from doing ANYTHING that we feel our spirits are being pulled to do. 


Mostly, we must be afraid of being afraid. 

And then, we must FEEL that fear. And (say it with me) DO IT ANYWAY!

I want to hear from you! 

What are you afraid of that you know you MUST be afraid of, and that you're willing to work on DOING ANYWAY? 

Leave a comment below!

With great love,


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