The Girl Boss Chronicles: Episode 1

It's time.

Time for an honest, fun, what-really-goes-on-behind-the-scenes look and how-the-heck-does-one-do-all-this conversation with and for women who want to pursue their dream business or are in the midst of pursuing their dream business.

And who, some days, wake up and think 'I love this life!' and other days wake up wondering 'What the hell am I doing?'

This is a conversation for women who are at once excited, passionate, overwhelmed and terrified.


From the nuts and bolts (how do I even form a business?) to the practical (how do I grow an authentic Instagram following?) to the real insanity (how do I care for 3 children and 2 dogs if I'm supposed to spend every waking minute launching a business?), we will debunk the myths, streamline the essentials, and support one another while we laugh our way through.

Feel the Fear. Do It Anyway.

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PS -- In order to get this project off and running most efficiently, I need to hear from YOU!

Where are you stuck? What practical questions do you have? What fears are holding you back?

Let me know in the comments, so we can address them and get you on your way to running the business of your dreams. 

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