Is Passion Enough?

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This past weekend I watched a fantastic LiveStream hosted by Suzanne Evans and Larry Winget. They are dynamic (and hilarious) speakers, and about 10 minutes in they began talking about their belief that PASSION isn't really what you want to be going for.

Larry used the following analogy:

"If you were about to have a quadruple bypass, and you had two surgeons to choose from---one who was passionate about cutting people open and another who was the very best at cutting people open---which would you choose?"

The assumption is that you'd choose the one who was the very best over the one who was simply passionate about scalpels and blood, I suppose.

But there's a component I think they missed.

Perhaps not inherently, mind you. 

If your greatest passion involves surgery, for example, you likely won't be born with top-notch skill as a surgeon. Gaining that skill will require years and years of study, practice and mistakes (hopefully not on a living person!).

But BECAUSE YOU ARE PASSIONATE about fixing the human body through, in many cases, surgery you will ENJOY the process of learning and honing your skills.

I'll make an admission, and tell you a quick story.

I don't have a ton of perseverance. I picked up a tennis racket my junior year of high school and put it down again after I wasn't Martina Navratilova within a week. I picked up a guitar my freshman year of college and put it back down after I wasn't Eric Clapton after 27 minutes.

It's not that I couldn't have GOTTEN there (well, probably not all the way to their level, but...) it's that I wasn't truly passionate about tennis or the guitar.

Fast forward a decade (or two) to the point when I became interested in jewelry making. 

Guys, you should see the first (also, the 2nd, 4th and 10th) items I soldered. They were ugly with a capital U. 

But I was fascinated. I became more and more passionate about the art of it. And I practiced and practiced and my passion grew and grew. I found new materials, new teachers, and more than a few times new materials altogether after I melted the ones I had!

So while I agree with Suzanne and Larry that you can't JUST be passionate about a topic, you must HAVE passion for it in order to persevere and, perhaps ultimately, make a GirlBoss-style living doing it. 

Because while being a Girl Boss only means that you have a passion-fueled life (not that you necessarily make a living from it), if you DO intend to make a living from it, you gotta love 95% of the minutes you spend doing it. 

Making millions of dollars doing something you aren't passionate about isn't what a Girl Boss does. Period.

So, now I want to hear from YOU, *|FNAME|*!

What are you SO passionate about that your spirit simply will not allow you to quit, even after you mess up or advance more slowly than you'd like?

Leave a comment and share! I can't wait to hear from you!

With great love,

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