Episode 33: Sarah B. Thompson

Podcast with Sarah B Thompson

Sarah Thompson knows a whole lot about business; she has 22 total years of experience focused in Corporate Finance and Operations. She started her consulting business 8 years ago and helps clients grow their revenue and profits by focusing on improving systems and building highly effective teams. She put herself through college and earned an MBA,…

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Episode 32: Lance Essihos

Lance Essihos Podcast episode

Lance Essihos has lived a pretty eventful life, but one thing it’s never been was easy. Throughout his journey, he has had to overcome some incredible challenges and adversities, which led him to rise from rock bottom on more than one occasion. From almost playing professional hockey to traveling the world running some of the…

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Episode 31: M. Shannon Hernandez

This week, I welcomed M. Shannon Hernandez, a sought after expert in the world of content marketing and strategy, to Authors, Creators & Visionaries to discuss: – The mindset shift to the notion that selling is serving (let that sink in) – The reason people aren’t profitable is, they don’t have a grasp on their message -There…

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Episode 30: Daniel Bruce Levin (Part 2)

Daniel Bruce Levin The Mosiac

  “No one has EVER told the story you are about to tell. And no one will ever again tell that story.”  -Daniel Bruce Levin In the second half of this incredible conversation with Daniel Bruce Levin, author of The Mosaic, we dive deeper into the 4 connections we all have in this life (Self,…

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