Daniel Bruce Levin - The Mosaic

“A great story doesn’t directly say anything, but it hints at everything”
-Daniel Bruce Levin

This podcast could easily be titled The 97% Agreement: The Significance of Connection because Danny and I agreed to disagree 3% of the time.

We live in the most connected time the world has ever known, and we feel more alone than we ever have, which is why it was such an honor to interview Daniel Bruce Levin, author of The Mosaic. The conversation got so deep and raw, in fact, that we decided to split it into two podcasts.

Daniel has accomplished and experienced a magnificent amount. A connectivity expert and business leader, he works with governmental organizations, corporations and businesses to improve how people treat themselves and each other. Sharing a message of unification, he is a popular speaker for groups whose focus is on problem-solving, innovation and conflict resolution.

His thoughts around the concept of the book people think they are writing versus the book they are actually writing are fascinating. In short, “When we marry who we write about to who we are, we end the moment in time for our experience” and the result clarifies “how to marry the book that you needed to read with the concepts that you’ve lived since that point in time.”

He also answers the question about why, of all the people who could have written this book, he was the least likely person to have actually done it.

The Mosaic, which is endorsed by Sonia Choquette, Arielle Ford, Caroline Myss (among others) has been touted as the new coming of The Alchemist (though Daniel hadn’t read The Alchemist before penning The Mosaic), and, in his words, “Writing the book was erasing most of what I wrote because I was finding myself in the process.”

You’ll discover how and when being an over-thinker is actually a good thing as well as how we are all punching ourselves in the face (metaphorically speaking) every single day. (Hint: you think you need protection from others; the person you need protection from is yourself.)

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