Episode 27: Self Confidence Coach Jane Stewart

Do you believe that self-confidence is an inherent personality trait that you are either born with…or aren’t? Jane Stewart doesn’t, and her perspective will likely change the way you think about the the high performers who appear to have it all together all the time. On today’s episode of Authors, Creators & Visionaries, Jane and…

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Episode 26: Underdog Empowerment Coach Zachary Babcock

zachary babcock

Zachary Babcock helps Underdog Entrepreneurs turbocharge their lead generation and customer acquisition without the BS. After spending more than half of a decade in prison, he’s developed an obsession for empowering underdog entrepreneurs. He beat the odds and became the host of a Top 200 rated podcast in the world and a servant leader for…

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Episode 22: Emotions Clearing Practitioner, Isabel Hundt

Episode 22 with Isabel Hundt

Isabel Hundt is an inspirational speaker, sociologist and emotions clearing practitioner who works with highly sensitive visionaries and world-changers who tend to be more introverted but have a big vision that they struggle to bring out (because they’d rather hide so as not to overstimulate their nervous system). She also studies and coaches on epi-genetics…

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