“Our story is our biggest asset. I packaged up my past. I packaged up my passion. I packaged up my pain. I packaged up my problems. I packaged up my poverty. And presented it as a product.”

Joey YAK Pieper is a force to be reckoned with. Period.

If statements such as these get you fired up or intrigue you:

> “If I just keep giving and giving and giving, I know that something will come back to me”

>”My service is my purpose”

>”When you have that fear, really what you should hear is: ‘It’s time to get busy”

…this episode was recorded just for you.

If you wonder how someone just “approaches” influencers like Billy Gene and Brad Lea and creates genuine, authentic, long-term relationships with them.

If you have ever believed that your not-so-ideal past determines your future, this episode was recorded just for you.

If you want to hear me rap, this episode is just for you.

Click here to hear his backstory, tips and strategies.


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