This week, I welcomed M. Shannon Hernandez, a sought after expert in the world of content marketing and strategy, to Authors, Creators & Visionaries to discuss:

– The mindset shift to the notion that selling is serving (let that sink in)

– The reason people aren’t profitable is, they don’t have a grasp on their message

-There is a way to get a grasp on that message (which Shannon speaks to)

-A new way to think about selling: enrolling people into an idea (and then delivering on it!)

-How Shannon’s “Joy First, Then Money” philosophy allows her to choose joy every single day (and bake a shit-ton of money while doing it)

Shannon Hernandez is not your average entrepreneur. After a 15-year public teaching career, she jumped feet first into her journey as a business owner, and within just a few years, she had built a multi-six figure business.

A sought after expert in the world of content marketing and strategy, Shannon is known globally as the creator of the Content Personality™ Wheel.

Shannon is a voice and role model for Thought Leaders around the world, teaching them how to market their innovative ideas in a way that honors who they are and what they believe.

In 2016 Shannon founded The Confident Expert Program, where she champions and rallies entrepreneurs, teaching them how to market their businesses from a place of intuition, integrity, and JOY–and make a shit-ton of money in the process.

Shannon has been featured on CBS, ABC, The Boston Globe, The Huffington Post, FOX, Identity Magazine, and NBC. When she is not speaking and teaching globally, you will find her practicing yoga, snuggling her cat, traveling the world, whipping up new recipes in her kitchen, and hanging with the love of her life.

To learn more about M. Shannon Hernandez and discover how she can help you market yourself as a Thought Leader in a way that feels good and honors who you are and what you believe, visit

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