I would love to hear from you! I typically respond pretty quickly, although I'm trying out this new approach called "disconnecting" from 8pm until 7am because sleep is a critical component of my sanity. Also, playing 7 rounds of Go Fish or Ligretto (Google it; you won't be sorry) before bed without mom having her phone glued to her hand is a critical component of my kids' happiness. 

Another component of my happiness: coffee. So if you really, really need me and can't get a hold of me, you might want to check the nearest indie coffee shop. I'll be the one singing too loudly, having forgotten that I put headphones on (and am in public). 

If it can wait a few hours, simply fill out the lovely form over to the right, and I'll get back with you as soon as I finish publicly singing the wrong lyrics to some popular song. (I don't care what anyone says; the key line of the 38 Special hit is "hang on, Lucy," not "loosely."). No, I don't know who Lucy is or why she needs to hang on. But it makes plenty of sense to me and so I stand by the way I've been singing it for ... a long time.

Carry on.