Write the Damn Book Already podcast

Writing, publishing, and marketing a book doesn’t have to be complicated and overwhelming. From myths and misconceptions, to practical tips and sound strategies, to the REAL reasons you likely still haven’t written and released your amazing story, Elizabeth Lyons is here to help you untangle the process and, even more importantly, untangle yourself.

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  • 24: Why being on the slow boat isn't bad
    I don't know it it's an end-of-year thing or an all-year-round thing, but I'm hearing a lot of people saying, quietly, that they feel like they're a bit "behind.  Honestly, I get it. I'm about to turn 50, and I certainly have days where I think, "I can't possibly be 50, because I haven't yet […]
  • 23: Interview with Jamie Gagnon (Children's Books)
    Jamie Gagnon’s first book, Imagine My Love (an illustrated children’s book), was released in September 2022. With a degree in early childhood education and preschool teacher certification, it makes sense that she'd write a children's book. But it was ultimately the love for her two children (combined with an "interesting" experience that showed her the power […]
  • 22: Interview with Jessica Fein
    Jessica Fein's first book, Moving On: How to Make the Transition from College to the Real World (which I'm still trying to figure out) was published in 1996. She has also been a Boston Globe columnist and Huff Post contributor. But one of her most remarkable accomplishments is as a mom of three amazing kids. When her beautiful […]
  • 21: Interview with Cory Goodrich (Pt 2)
    Being able to interview Cory Goodrich a second time (click here to listen to our first interview), this time doing a deeper dive into the writing of Folksong: A Ballad of Death, Discovery, and DNA, was a gift that's I just know is going to keep on giving.  An actor, painter, singer, songwriter, and all-around creative person, […]
  • 20: What to Do When "But What If..." Takes Over
    Even the most optimistic, curious, open-minded of us occasionally have moments when we worry, "Oh sh*t. What if...?"  If you're like me, it's enough to keep you stuck in one place for hours (if not days. Or months).  Many of us have two sides: we have a side that says, "Oh sh*t, what if...?" and we have a […]
  • 19: Interview with Chris Martinez
    Chris Martinez's journey as an author is one I've had the privilege of being part of since the beginning.  We've now worked on six books together, and his perspective on being of service through a published book (as well as why he keeps writing more!) is one that every author can benefit from hearing.  In this episode of Write […]
  • 18: Interview with Joanna Rakoff
    Joanna Rakoff has been a writer for as long as she can remember---even back to the days when people more routinely stated things like, "A career in the arts isn't realistic."  That said, her journey has taken more than a few twists and turns. From believing she wanted to follow a specific writing journey that […]
  • 17: How to Write Without Immediate Feedback
    Talking to people face-to-face (whether 1:1, in a small group, or from a stage) allows you to gauge their response (and pivot if/when necessary). But when you’re writing a book, you don’t have that luxury. Even when writing posts, you can get pretty quick feedback. But a book feels so…permanent! In this episode, I'll guide […]
  • 16: On How We Decide to Navigate Challenges
    As a book coach, I hear a lot of people say, "What I've gone through happened for a reason" or "I'm sharing my experience so that it has purpose." I ALSO hear a lot of people say, "I made a decision to write this book, and everyone says the universe starts moving things around in […]
  • 15: What to Do When Writing Feels "Hard"
    You have the vision and the hook and the Third-Layer Why and the outline, but it STILL feels "hard" to sit down and actually do the writing. What's the deal? The deal is simple. You're telling yourself a story that: It's different for other authors You're doing it "wrong" In this episode, I invite you […]