Write the Damn Book Already podcast

Writing, publishing, and marketing a book doesn’t have to be complicated and overwhelming. From myths and misconceptions, to practical tips and sound strategies, to the REAL reasons you likely still haven’t written and released your amazing story, Elizabeth Lyons is here to help you untangle the process and, even more importantly, untangle yourself.

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  • Ep 33: Interview with Emily Lynn Paulson
    Emily Paulson's second book, Hey Hun: Sales, Sisterhood, Supremacy, and other Lies Behind Multi-Level Marketing (Row House, May 30, 2023) is the eye-opening, funny, and dangerous personal story of author Emily Lynn Paulson rising to the top of the pyramid in the multilevel marketing (MLM) world, only to recognize that its culture and business practices went […]
  • Ep 32: Interview with Sam Garcia
    Whenever I have questions about Instagram/Facebook (or, as it's newly referred to, Meta) ads, the first person I go to is Sam Garcia. The founder of Dirty Alchemy Digital Marketing, Sam and her team have run ads for some big brands, and not only does she know what she's doing but she also has a way […]
  • Ep 31: Interview with Laura Belgray
    Sometimes, you're sure you'll love someone well before meeting them. That's the way I felt when I learned of Laura Belgray's forthcoming book, "Tough Titties."  At once a collection of essays, a memoir, and a hilariously honest look at navigating various stages of life and business ownership, this book made me feel like I'd known […]
  • Ep 30: My reel went viral; here's what happened next
    I’ve always said that if I ever went viral, it would be for something stupid. I’d be filmed saying something grammatically incorrect. Or trip and fall face-first into the concrete in front of Ryan Eggold (after saying something grammatically incorrect). Apparently, manifestation is truly a thing.   The PUNCHLINE  I made an Instagram reel. Within 24 hours, […]
  • Ep 29: How to Sustainably Increase Book Sales
    "I can get your book onto the NYT bestseller list." "I can get your podcast ranked in the top 10 on Apple." "I can get you 8692.7 verified reviews on Amazon...in 2 days." The offers are everywhere. And of course they're appealing. Who WOULDN'T want to be on the New York Times bestseller list? Or […]
  • 28: 5 Tips for Removing Writers Block
    As you may or may not know, I don't believe in writers block.  At least, not in the way many people do---that it's a concept every writer must experience, a rite of passage of sorts, that can keep a writer from writing for days, weeks, or---God forbid---even longer.  To me, "writers block" is simply the […]
  • 27: Interview with Linda Sivertsen
    Linda Sivertsen, “Book Mama,” is in LOVE with books—reading, writing, and selling them. Her titles have won awards and hit all the lists as an author, co-author, and former magazine editor and ghostwriter. But her driving force has been to publish sustainably. Naïve and optimistic enough to believe in magic, she’s on a mission to […]
  • 26: Interview with Renata Trebing
    Even though she ended up getting a degree in chemical engineering, Renata Trebing started reading cookbooks (for fun) when she was 8 years old. So it’s not terribly surprising that she ended up writing one! She loved the idea of writing about food passionately, as Nigella Lawson has done. Not long after her first book was published, […]
  • 25: Beware of this Self-Publishing Myth
    When it comes to book publishing, there are 3 main models available: traditional, independent, and self. None is the best across the board. One is the best for each author and each book!  I find it curious that still (and we've somehow made it to 2023), self-publishing (or hybrid publishing, or author-financed publishing, as it's sometimes […]
  • 24: Why being on the slow boat isn't bad
    I don't know it it's an end-of-year thing or an all-year-round thing, but I'm hearing a lot of people saying, quietly, that they feel like they're a bit "behind.  Honestly, I get it. I'm about to turn 50, and I certainly have days where I think, "I can't possibly be 50, because I haven't yet […]