Podcast with Sarah B Thompson

Sarah Thompson knows a whole lot about business; she has 22 total years of experience focused in Corporate Finance and Operations. She started her consulting business 8 years ago and helps clients grow their revenue and profits by focusing on improving systems and building highly effective teams.

She put herself through college and earned an MBA, while working full-time, at the age of 26.

She loves to solve problems – and is a total math geek.

Not too long ago she found herself unemployed, $85,000 in debt, starting a business that was barely making enough to cover expenses, and with nothing in savings.

Getting out of that mess required a lot of work on her mindset about money, about her business, and about herself.

Fast forward to today and she has paid off the debt, saved a 20% down payment and used it to purchase a home, and has a thriving business doing work that she loves.

Now, Sarah shows entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs how to start, build and grow their businesses working with private clients or in her signature group program Write Your Own Paycheck. Her focus is on helping people build long-term sustainable self-employment income.

You can find Sarah on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/sarah.thompson.33886

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