Do you believe that self-confidence is an inherent personality trait that you are either born with…or aren’t?

Jane Stewart doesn’t, and her perspective will likely change the way you think about the the high performers who appear to have it all together all the time. On today’s episode of Authors, Creators & Visionaries, Jane and I talk about how she helps her clients combine practice with consistency in order to build on their state of self-confidence.

While Jane has received numerous comments and direct messages based on an assumption that she was born with confidence, she assures listeners that confidence comes with practice. The perception of “inborn confidence” isn’t the reality for your favorite speakers — the ones who appear immovable on stage.

Jane is passionate about working with high performers to help them understand how to get back to a state of self-confidence when they’re feeling anything but, and to peel away what’s going on in their mind that causes them not to believe in themselves in any given moment.

After 20 years building a career (that “failed”), she shares:

> how she has learned to express belief in herself and the lessons learned through her experiences

> the profound event 21 years ago that kicked off her own challenges with self-confidence (as well as how she overcame them).

> how to intentionally pull off self-confidence and have it look flawless

> how to get from When I am to I am in the area of self-confidence

Click here to hear her backstory, tips and strategies.

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