Success Stories

J.L. Martin

Elizabeth has changed the course of my career. I signed up three years ago, and I now have 9 published books that can stand on a shelf with any New York Times bestseller. Elizabeth's courses provide all you need to publish successfully and professionally along with unbelievable support (which is almost impossible to find these days). Elizabeth has become my favourite person in the industry! 

Marianne Hansen

Without Elizabeth's bootcamp, I would not have been as motivated or written as much as I did in the last 33 days. The accountability and friendship I found within the group made all the difference. 

Jenna McCarthy

There is no more knowledgeable, hard-working, or supportive resource in self-publishing than Elizabeth. I highly recommend her!

Carrie S.

Even if I'd already written a book, I would absolutely enroll in your bootcamp. It is the best support I have ever had! There is no way I would have any words written due to recent life events, but this got me through. I am raving about this bootcamp--it is fantastic!